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Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that meat and the nutrients derived from it are necessary for survival. Raw meat, organ meats, bones and a small amount of vegetables are the best food for cats to digest for optimum health. If your cat did catch a mouse, rat, bird etc. there would be a high level of protein (over 70%) in the form of raw muscle meats, bones & organs, and there would be a low percentage of grains, fruits or veggies already predigested in the stomach contents. The meal would be moist, not dry like kibble. Cats require moist foods as they are "programmed" to get their fluids from their food, they are not born with the instinct to drink. A kibble fed cat becomes chronically dehydrated and will never be able to drink enough fluid to make up for that. This state of health will eventually lead to illness. A raw fed cat will rarely drink as they get their fluids from their food - this is the natural way for a cat to live.

Bones Pet Boutique is proud to supply the following quality products for cats:

Here are some excellent resources for finding out more about optimal feeding for your feline friend:

Your CatYour Cat
Dedicated veterinarian Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM, raises the alarm regarding the serious flaws in the commercial diets we feed our cats and the nutritional diseases that result. She also explains everything cat owners need to know including kitten-rearing, the adult cat’s middle years, and how to care for the geriatric cat. The very latest treatment options for cat diseases are explained, and sections on litter box problems; parasites; obesity; feline diabetes; how to read a pet food label; and many more important issues are included.

Natural Nutrition for CatsNatural Nutrition for Cats
Kymythy R. Schultze is a world renouned expert in the field of nutrition for humans and animals. This book contains need-to-know facts about the pet food industry and ingredients that can harm your furry friend. Some of the information is shocking but true, and you have the right to know!

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