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For years my sister has been a customer of yours. She made the switch to raw food for her previous dog. When he died, she continued with a raw food diet for her new dog. And for years, she has been trying to persuade me to switch to raw food. I was the BIGGEST skeptic.

After my Portuguese Water Dog died prematurely, I got another dog shortly afterwards .. a goldendoodle (coincidentally her name is "Libby"). I don't know if that specific breed mix typically has allergy problems, but mine certainly did. From the very day I brought her home (at eight weeks old), she suffered with runny eyes, ear infections, itchy skin, itchy feet ... she had it all. They were constant. There wasn't one single day that went by without one of the symptoms being present.

The ear infections were the worst because she suffered so much from them. They were painful, red and hot. I had her at the vet constantly for medication for the ear infections. Even after running the course with the medicated ear drops, the infections never seemed to completely go away. Particularly in her left ear.

Finally the vet suggested an ear flush. Which we did. At the same time, he took swabs for allergy testing.

The ear flush resulted in Libby losing most of her hearing in her left ear. The allergy tests came back that she was allergic to the "environment". She wasn't tested for food allergies, but the vet was certain they were present also. The solution was to develop a serum for her to fight the allergies. Which could take months to get the formula just right. And who knows at what cost?

Literally, after spending several thousand dollars on vet bills for tests, medications and the surgery, we were at our wits' end. Libby, then almost three years old, had suffered her whole life. My husband and I finally decided we'd "chased our tail" long enough and should maybe persue a raw dog food diet.

The first time I came to your store, I was shown everything that was available. I received so much information, both verbally and pamphlets. As well, I got a sample package of the raw food.

I took it all home. And believe it or not, I was still somewhat skeptical. The food sat in my freezer for about a month. Finally, we decided to make the "switch" on Christmas day. So, I came back to your store to get enough supplies to keep Libby going for a month. I was never once told that a raw food diet would be the answer to Libby's problems. But was told, I always had the option to go back to the kibble diet if I wasn't happy.

We chose Christmas day because both my husband and I would be at home for a couple of weeks, if she had stomach issues with the change in diet.

We had always bought a premium kibble from the pet store. And probably from the time Libby was about two years old, until we changed to raw food, we had been giving her a "special" non-allergenic kibble, only available through the vet. She was never a good eater. We'd put her kibble down for her and she'd pick at it. Sometimes it would take her a day or two to eat it.

The first time I gave Libby the raw food, she sniffed at it and looked at me. We didn't think she was going to eat it. However, by the time I'd turned from her bowl to the sink, it was gone. And trust me ... she has NEVER left any in her bowl since. As soon as it's put down ... it's gone !!! She LOVES it.

There was never a transition period for her adjusting to the raw food from kibble. She never suffered stomach upset or diarrhea. She may have had a looser stool than normal, the next day, but nothing of any consequence. And once the remains of the kibble was completely out of her system, pooping and scooping was so much easier !!! Without getting too graphic ... her stools are easy to pick up and barely notice a smell.

And the MOST amazing, unbelieveable thing within days ... literally days ... of starting with the raw food, her eyes stopped running and her ears cleared up. Me, being ever the skeptic, figured this was merely a coincidence. There was no way this transformation could happen almost overnight. I vowed I would give it a few months, and if Libby was still doing as well by then, that I'd be the first to stand up and say I was wrong. So ... I was WRONG. We should have made the transition to raw dog food a long time ago.

Granted, at first it took a little bit more planning than simply scooping a cup of kibble into her bowl. We had to remember to thaw out the food. And after she finishes I always wash out her bowl and wipe her face. But it's so worth the few extra minutes it takes. And once getting into the routine, we don't even think about it now.

We still use a wash to clean out her ears every two weeks or so, just to keep them clean of any debris. But not a single infection so far, since Christmas until this writing (four months). Her eyes have not run since. They used to tear so badly, her fur was stained. Not any more. I couldn't tell you the last time I wiped her eyes ... probably December. She still chews her feet, but rarely her skin. And I'm not sure how much of the foot chewing is out of boredom.

So, in closing I'd like to say ... if your dog is suffering from the same problems that Libby did, do your dog a favour ... try the raw food diet. You might be as pleasantly surprised as my husband and me, and more importantly as Libby.

Thank you to all at Bones Pet Boutique ... you have all been so knowledgeable, honest, helpful and friendly. You're always more than happy to answer any questions. And I truly believe you have the health and well-being of our "best friends" at heart. Thank you.

And finally ... the moral of this whole story ... ALWAYS listen to your big sister !!! She knows best.

Best regards,

Jacquie Zierer

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