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Learning Centre

Welcome to the Learning Centre. The following links and information have been provided to help pet owners learn more about the benefits of feeding raw food and providing good health care.

Dogs Naturally Magazine
Article on us in Dogs Naturally Magazine, September 2014

Burlington Post
Article on us in Burlington Post, September 2012

Terra @ Home
See us on the CHCH program

Healthy Pets
Veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker talks about raw meat diets for pets – why there’s nothing to fear and so much to gain by serving your dog or cat the food nature intended him to eat

Heartworm Info
How dogs get it and prevention/treatment options

Learn about the adverse effects of vaccinating your pets

Kidney Failure
Learn more about how your pet needs more protein as they age, not less

We also offer a free downloadable copy of Real Food For Dogs, written by Bones co-founder Marlene Masney. This booklet offers valuable information to help educate those interested in a healthy and natural alternative diet for their pets with raw food. Marlene has offered information on the dangers of commercial pet foods, dispelling the myths about raw feeding, the many health benefits of switching your pet to a natural diet, and much more. You owe it to your pet to read this invaluable tool, which is free to download.

Real Food For Dogs
Download "Real Food For Dogs" as a PDF

(542 KB, requires Adobe Reader)