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In September 2010, Terri and Ian rescued Vinnie, an 11-month old shepherd who had been badly mistreated. Besides being physically abused, he had an untreated yeast infection which spread and developed into a severe staph infection. He had no fur on his underside up to the side of his body, the inside of his back and front legs, under his chin or around his ears. His skin on the open areas was rough like elephant skin, very dry and itchy. He was 70 lb and should have been closer to 100 lb. In late September, Vinnie was started on the raw food diet from Paws & Claws, the Big Box Dinners.

Vinnie Vinnie Vinnie Vinnie

November 2010 - Vinnie had some health concerns and was put back on prescription dry and canned food by his vet. He was still losing hair and had severe ear infections. They went to a local homeopathic vet who said she had wished we had stayed with the natural food. She gave them some herbal support.

Vinnie Vinnie Vinnie Vinnie Vinnie Vinnie

February 2011, Vinnie started going to one of the top vets in Burlington and he is doing wonderfully. In only 1 week, he went from a dying animal (who was full of infection and only wanted to sleep) to a playful puppy getting into all kinds of trouble. He began playing with his toys again! Not only does he have his energy back, but his skin is almost cleared AND he is growing hair. The new vet can't believe he is the same dog and she said that the raw food was the only thing keeping him alive.

Vinnie Vinnie Vinnie Vinnie

April 2011 - His face, chest, legs, tail & back hair has all grown back. The thick elephant skin on his lower sides and underneath is now baby bum smooth and pink. He is a very happy boy!

We are happy to have been able to sponsor the food for Vinnie’s recovery. The combination of a diet of raw food and an experienced caring vet has certainly enabled Vinnie to begin a brand new healthy journey.

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