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EarthGreens is especially recommended for pets that require more specialized supplementation due to cancer or immune-related disease processes. Preventative supplementation with EarthGreens can also benefit healthy pets and optimize their well-being. EarthGreens contains a comprehensive, nutrient-dense blend of concentrated fruits, vegetables, plant nutrients, prebiotics, probiotics and standardized herbal extracts.

EarthGreens provides Antioxidant protection from carotenoids, proanthocyanidins (OPCs) and various phytochemicals – Cellular activation through vitamins, macro and micro minerals in their most bioavailable form – Immune support through standardized herbal extracts, live enzymes and cellular antioxidants – Probiotic and prebiotic enhancement replaces and generates healthy bacteria, using a complete blend of acidophilus, bifidus and synergistic co-factors.

Ingredients: Spirulina powder, chlorella powder broken cell wall, wheat grass powder, flax seed powder, barley powder, alfalfa powder, carrot powder, chia seed powder, red beet powder, celery powder, broccoli powder, acerola cherry powder extract, apple pectin powder, royal jelly powder, brussels sprout powder, green cabbage powder, cranberry powder, blueberry powder extract, plumb powder, papaya powder, cauliflower powder, dulse powder, kelp powder, parsley powder, aloe vera powder, pumpkin seed powder, raspberry powder, pomegranate powder extract, dandelion powder, inulin powder, pineapple juice powder, bilberry powder extract, orange juice powder, cherry flavours powder organic, and tomato powder extract.

EarthGreens is ultra finely blended, organic, wildcrafted and all-natural; contains no yeast, dairy, flax, fillers, fructose, starch, colorings, flavorings or preservatives.

Suggested Serving:
1-10lbs: 1/8tsp
10-25lbs:1/4 tsp
50-100lbs: 1 tsp

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