Hear what our customers have to say about our products and services, and their successes with switching to a raw diet.

My Shih Tzu Lucy has a congenital heart defect and is on 3 different meds daily. Since the summer of 2012 she has been on this food and has turned into a puppy! I’ve also been singing your praises to our vet and other dog owners. She’s also very fussy and loves this food.

For Christmas last year my family presented me with Lucy, a 5 month old Australian Shepherd. At only 16 pounds, poor Lucy was terribly under weight and she had severe diarrhea from parasites and therefore could not control her stool. I took Lucy to my vet, and she suggested putting Lucy on raw food immediately and directed me to Bones. I left her office and took Lucy to Bones and bought her a month’s worth of raw turkey.

THE NEXT DAY, which is exactly what my vet had predicted, Lucy’s stool was firm.

Today Lucy is a healthy, active 9 month old Aussie that we absolutely love. Her coat is luxuriously soft and shiny and she loves her raw food.

The staff at Bones Pet Boutique always make themselves available to help, educate and troubleshoot any nutritional questions. Their personal service consistently is a pleasant surprise! Thanks for the great service!

When I switched my 14 month old wheaten terrier to raw, it was honestly the best thing I could have ever done. Prior to the switch, she had uncontrollable allergies and no matter what kibble I gave her, she continued to show signs of an allergic reaction (paw licking, itchy skin, yeasty ears, eye infections, hot spots, diarrhea, vomiting, etc). After coming in to Bones one day, we switched her to raw that same evening and haven’t looked back. Now, with two dog (the second dog is even more sensitive than the wheaten), they are both on raw and are much healthier than they ever were on kibble. Almost all allergies are non-existent anymore. When on kibble, my wheaten was allergic to chicken, but now she eats raw chicken regularly with no issue. Any pet I have in the future will be on a raw diet, it just makes sense and has shown me results repeatedly. The staff at Bones was very knowledgeable and supportive through my learning curve of this new feeding method. I’m so happy that I walked into Bones Pet Boutique that day, it has literally changed the quality of my dogs’ lives.

Thank you so much.

Just took my two Shelties, River and Jackson to the groomer who commented that usually Shelties have bad doggy breath! She commented that both my dogs who are almost 6 and 7 years old have a very clean, sweet, puppy breath. Much nicer for kisses!

What I appreciate also is the saving on vet bills for teeth cleaning, and allows for a much easier yard clean up!