About Bones Pet Boutique

In 2001, a pioneering venture emerged in the heart of Southwestern Ontario: Bones Pet Boutique, the region’s inaugural raw food store dedicated to providing pets with the finest natural sustenance. The founders, passionate about enhancing the well-being of beloved animal companions, envisioned a haven where pet owners could access premium raw food, natural treats, and essential supplements, all under one roof.

Bones Pet Boutique quickly became a beacon for pet owners seeking to nourish their furry friends with the very best. As the first of its kind in the region, it set a new standard for pet nutrition, pioneering the concept of raw feeding in Southwestern Ontario. The boutique’s mission was clear: to offer a diverse selection of high-quality, nutrient-rich raw food options, catering to the unique dietary needs of dogs and cats.

From the outset, the boutique established itself as a trusted authority in pet nutrition. The team, comprised of certified pet raw food specialists, dedicated themselves to educating pet owners about the benefits of raw feeding. They recognized the transformative impact of a species-appropriate diet on the health and vitality of animals, and endeavored to share this knowledge with the community.

The store’s shelves were adorned with an extensive array of raw food selections, sourced from reputable suppliers committed to quality and ethical production practices. Pet owners could peruse a variety of options, including raw meat, bones, and organ meats, all designed to mirror the natural diet of wild counterparts. This emphasis on whole, unprocessed foods resonated with a growing number of pet enthusiasts seeking to optimize their pets’ nutrition.

In addition to raw food offerings, Bones Pet Boutique curated a collection of natural treats and supplements, carefully chosen to complement a raw diet and support overall pet wellness. The boutique became a one-stop destination for those seeking to elevate their pets’ health through a holistic approach to nutrition.

At the heart of the boutique’s success was its unwavering commitment to personalized service. The staff cultivated meaningful relationships with customers, taking the time to understand each pet’s unique needs and preferences. This personalized approach, coupled with expert guidance from certified specialists, empowered pet owners to make informed choices for their furry companions.

Over the years, Bones Pet Boutique fostered a vibrant community of pet lovers united by a shared passion for optimal pet nutrition. The boutique regularly hosted educational events, workshops, and seminars, inviting renowned experts to share insights on raw feeding, pet wellness, and holistic care.

As the first raw food store in Southwestern Ontario, Bones Pet Boutique catalyzed a movement toward greater awareness and appreciation for the benefits of raw feeding. Its influence extended far beyond its storefront, leaving an indelible mark on the local pet care landscape.

Today, Bones Pet Boutique stands as a testament to the enduring impact of a vision realized. Its legacy endures in the countless pets who have thrived on a raw diet, and in the community it galvanized around a shared commitment to prioritizing the health and happiness of beloved animal companions.

The Mission That Started It All

Since 2001, Bones Pet Boutique has been helping pet owners discover healthier, more natural alternatives to pre-packaged pet food. We’ve curated a wide range of options to cater to every pet’s palette!

We understand that your pet is your best friend, and by opting for our products, you grant yourself and your best friend an opportunity to bond, grow closer, and thrive.

A Community-Driven Collective.

Our mission is to take the confusing guesswork out of taking care of your pet. We offer products and hand-picked raw pet food that help them thrive and achieve holistic health regardless of their age!

This way, they can live longer, keep you company, and grow old with you to keep your home a safer, more inviting place.

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welcome to bones pet boutique

In business since 2001, we have coached and mentored every client in the transition to a raw, species appropriate, natural and healthy diet.

Our Values

We Treat Your Pet As One Of Our Own.

With every supplement we add, every new product we offer, and every community effort we support, we’re always looking out for your pet’s health. They’re one of ours, and when you join the Bones Pet Boutique community, you join an inspiring group of pet owners who share the same love for their pets.

Explore A New Denition Of Nutrition

Join us today and explore our wide range of raw pet food, organic treatments, and natural supplements, powered by unprocessed ingredients that work wonders for your pet’s health and well-being.

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