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We also offer a free downloadable copy of Real Food For Dogs, written by Bones co-founder Marlene Masney. This booklet offers valuable information to help educate those interested in a healthy and natural alternative diet for their pets with raw food. Marlene has offered information on the dangers of commercial pet foods, dispelling the myths about raw feeding, the many health benefits of switching your pet to a natural diet, and much more. You owe it to your pet to read this invaluable tool, which is free to download.

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My Shih Tzu Lucy has a congenital heart defect and is on 3 different meds daily. Since the summer of 2012 she has been on this food and has turned into a puppy! I’ve also been singing your praises to our vet and other dog owners. She’s also very fussy and loves this food.
The staff at Bones Pet Boutique always make themselves available to help, educate and troubleshoot any nutritional questions. Their personal service consistently is a pleasant surprise! Thanks for the great service!
Just took my two Shelties, River and Jackson to the groomer who commented that usually Shelties have bad doggy breath! She commented that both my dogs who are almost 6 and 7 years old have a very clean, sweet, puppy breath. Much nicer for kisses! What I appreciate also is the saving on vet bills for teeth cleaning, and allows for a much easier yard clean up!
10/10! I’ve been nervous about getting my teacup yorkie’s teeth cleaned as other places were using anesthesia. Natasha at K9 Floss Boss does not use anesthesia, and the results were amazing! I highly recommend the teeth cleaning service.
My seven year old Shitzu Bichon had his teeth cleaned for the first time. Natasha did a great job. Helps teeth look great. and he was happy and relaxed when I picked him up. She willingly took time to offer dental cleaning maintenance and answered my questions. We will definitely be back.
Couldn’t recommend Natasha’s service more! Absolutely amazing! Little Chizer loved it and now he’s ready to show off his pearly whites
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