Today more and more people realize that raw food diet is beneficial for their pets and improve their overall health, immunity, and vitality. Below we have listed a few of the surprising facts about raw diets that you need to know:

Raw Pet Food

Better and Healthy Digestion

The digestive system of pets like dogs and cats is different from humans because their bodies have less time to absorb nutrients. It is easier for them to digest raw meat and bones, which are minimally processed. Raw pet diets, including unprocessed food, deliver the maximum amount of absorbable nutrients and healthy bacteria for your pet’s overall health.  When your pet’s diet is based on a grain-filled one, it is difficult for them to digest gently and efficiently, and their pancreas will be adversely affected and can create toxic bacteria in the lower bowel which can result in kidney problems. So, raw pet food can be a healthy choice to avoid digestion issues. Smaller and Less Smelly Waste

Better Dental Hygiene

The most common issue among pets is periodontal issues, and it is mostly caused by bacterial growth from eating starchy kibble, which sticks to the teeth. Unprocessed pet food can help pets to have better dental health because they do not contain starches and processed fats, which means the saliva can break food down, so it doesn’t stick to the teeth. Also, the raw food has natural enzymes that work chemically in your pet’s mouth to improve dental hygiene and remove plaque on your pet’s teeth.

Stronger Immune System

A raw pet diet is key to have a stronger immune system. For example, wolves and wild dogs seem to be stronger and have fewer health issues compared to domestic dogs due to the healthy raw diet that wild animals have. Raw foods include a huge number of fatty acids and immune-boosting nutrients. Also, raw vegetables are rich in vitamins and antioxidants in their natural and absorbable form. Therefore, raw pet food helps pets to have a stronger immune system naturally since they are a rich source of nutrients.

A Healthy and Beautiful Skin and Coat

Raw pet diet and pet having healthy and shiny skin often come together. Many dogs and cats having commercial diets face problems with their coat appearance. A grain-based pet diet does not have a sufficient amount of proteins to grow a healthy and beautiful coat. Better nutrition, including natural oils and omega fatty acids in raw foods, supports healthy skin and a shiny coat. With the transition to a raw pet diet, you can see your pet’s skin and coat grow lively and magnificently.

Fewer Allergies

Pets who have raw food diet tend to show fewer symptoms of allergies such as constant itching and/or discharge from the eyes. It is common that some pets are allergic to grains and fillers in kibble and a raw pet diet reduces these allergens from their diets.  If you add raw goat milk to your pet’s diet, it will boost their immune system, which consequently minimizes the allergies.

Are you ready to switch to raw pet food? — congratulations! Your pet is on its way to live healthier and happier. Give us a call!

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