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100% Canadian pure green Beef tripe. Just slowly dehydrated to preserve all the naturally present nutrients such as the partially digested grasses in the cow’s stomach, digestive enzymes, gastric juices, taurine, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Cut into bite-size pieces (approx. 1.5″ square) making it good for all sizes of dogs. It is much easier on the nose for humans than fresh tripe!

Why does tripe make a great dog treat?

Green Tripe is the nutrient rich lining of the stomach of a ruminant animal, in this case Beef. Many people confuse tripe to be organ or intestine meat, however, this is not the case: Tripe is simply the wall (lining) of the stomach, which soaks up digestive and gastric juices that are rich in essential fatty acids omega 3 & 6, and an excellent source of protein. Lamb Tripe is lower in fat than Beef Tripe. Green Tripe also has a perfect 1:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus, which is vital for proper bone and joint development.

Sourced, dehydrated and packaged in Canada, of course!

INGREDIENTS: Green Beef Tripe

150g package.

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