911 Emergency


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911 Emergency Crisis Care Paste. Perfect for out door activities. The gut has a myriad of different microorganism present, some beneficial, some not. A healthy gut makes an environment where the suitable microorganism thrive and multiply in bigger numbers while the pathogens struggle. This overbalance of beneficial to contribute to this over balance , so grabbing up all available attachment opportunities and utilizing all available nutrients to reproduce only beneficial microorganisms. Not same as normal probiotic pastes, 911 Emergency creates a broad spectrum complex of beneficial direct microbial and yeast cultures in a unique , bioenergetic base of fermentation products and specially engineered yeast extracts rich in glucomannans and mannanoligosacharides .
911 Emergency created for the fast treatment of the symptoms of, scours, gut ache, stress, heat exhaustion , dehydration , exposures to moldy hay or forge.To prevent  of diarrhea , and conditions related with digestive upset.

all ages and all breeds.

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