Reinforce Oil For Dogs 30 ml


Hip Dysplasia | Arthritis | Joint Mobility | Healthy Skin & Coat


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REINFORCE Supplements are safe, all-natural, and delicious!

Hip Dysplasia | Arthritis | Joint Mobility | Healthy Skin & Coat

 we grow older with our furry companions, their nutritional needs begin to change and so should their diet! Baby, adult, and senior food categories do not progress properly with a pet’s age. REINFORCE Pet Supplements can be a delicious way to supplement their diet and promote a healthy heart and joint mobility.


Our Canadian-grown hemp oil has been enhanced with Burdock Root to supplement pets as they age. As pets age, their body becomes less resilient to infections and diseases. Burdock Root can stimulate transport of white blood cells which helps to flush out toxins and stave off infections. Burdock Root can purify the blood and is used to treat kidney disease and arthritis in animals.


Connective tissues within ligaments can become brittle and rigid as time goes on, causing stiffness in the joints. Naturally occurring compounds in hemp offer unique health benefits and in combination provide an entourage of benefits, promoting blood circulation and a healthy skin and coat. Glucosamine is an ingredient used in our Chews and is a naturally occurring amino sugar. It can stimulate cartilage repair and preserve joint function. It may help to repair sprains and strains by repairing and regenerating damaged cartilage. The combination of all of these compounds together can help to maintain youthful mobility throughout your pet’s life.

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