Nurture your pets the way mother nature intended: Spice up their usual diet
with some hand-picked, nutrient-rich goodies for dogs and cats, curated to
help them achieve optimal, holistic health!
Discover our range of raw, unprocessed treats today.

Raw Meaty Bone for Dogs

Why Choose Raw Food For Your Pet?

Imagine if all you ate every single day was a pre-packaged meal that tasted like
your favorite foods, but isn’t quite that. You’ll lose your appetite, and have to
endure terrible mood swings all week long.

That’s exactly what our pets have to put up with, when in the wild, they used to
hunt for fresh meats, plants, herbs, and spring water, causing them to live
longer and stay healthy, spry, and thriving!
At Bones Pet Boutique, we offer raw meats and superfoods hand-picked for
your pet’s health, offering them vitamins, minerals, and succinct nutrition they
can’t get in store-bought dry food and supplements.

Making Your Life Easier, One Pack Of Raw Pet Food At A Time

Why Choose Bones Pet Boutique?

We’ve designed a wide range of raw food options to help you learn more about
your pet’s preferences. You might think you know them, but with raw foods, it’s

an entirely different ball game.
Some pets prefer crunchier textures, others prefer softer foods, and with Bones
Pet Boutique, you’ll gain access to a wide portfolio of unprocessed, fresh, and
responsibly sourced raw foods to give your pet the nutrition boost they truly

Changing The Game Since 2001

Since day one, we’ve made it our objective to bring nature’s superfoods closer
to everyday household pets. With a curated range of options that include beef,
bistro, chicken, kangaroo, and more, your pet will enjoy nature’s delights as if
they hunted for them themselves.
With us, taking better care of your four-legged best friend is easier, more
affordable, and completely stress-free, allowing them to achieve optimal
health regardless of their age.

Browse Our Options Today

Head over to our shop to pick out your pet’s next natural, raw treat, and enjoy a
wide range of supplements and natural treatments to improve their gut
healthand overall wellness.

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