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An all natural kangaroo tendons for dogs (DENTA-ROOS) directly from Australia are available in a 150g ziplock bag.  They’re approximately 5-7 tendons per bag and they are approximately 6″ (15cm) to 10″ (25cm) in length. THESE ARE THICKER THAN THE PREVIOUS TENDONS WE OFFERED.  No additives have been used in preparation of this product. These kangaroo tendons are a pleasant low odour chew. This is a fully digestible chew that has thousands of longitudinal fibres that act like dental floss. This is a very low fat chew that is high in protein. This is the caviar of all dog treats.

Product of Australia. Facility is USDA approved.

No Hormones. No antibiotics. Free range diet. Not farm raised

Item number: ON31671

Analysis: Ash:1.9g/100g,  Fat:2.4g/100g, Moisture:9.8g/100g, Protein:94.1g/100g.

Please supervise your pet when providing  these chews. Always ensure fresh drinking water is available.

The Nature’s own Kangaroo tendons Chew are NOT COOKED, only slowly dried. Slow Drying at 90 degrees celsius for over 10 hours reduces the moisture content, and keeping the natural chew fresh and locking in all of its flavours.  This is a single ingredient dog chew with no added preservatives to extend its shelf life. That means no sodium and no nitrates.

All of our kangaroo tendon chews come either heat-sealed in resealable bags or shrink-wrapped to make sure your dog’s treats arrive fresh and stay fresh.

The images on our website should act as a guide only. As all of our products are natural, each chew will have variances in colour, size, and shape. 

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